Candy King On Ice Batch Ejuice

Candy King on Ice Batch is a stunning recreation of those classic sweet and sour gummy candies that you’ve loved since childhood. This e-liquid delivers the same flavors with an added icy chill of menthol.

On the inhale, your taste buds are greeted with sweet cherries and perfectly ripened oranges. A blitz of tart lemon and lime notes follow to balance out the intense sweetness of these candy vape juice flavors before an exhale of cool menthol kicks in to keep things fresh.


Cherry on Candy King on Ice Batch delivers a sweet-and-sour flavor that will have your taste buds going wild. It doesn’t get overpowering and leaves you craving more.

This icy vape e-liquid perfectly combines sweet and sour candy flavors with a menthol twist. Its intense and refreshing blend of frosty cherries, chilly oranges, excellent lemons and tangy frozen limes is whipped into a delicious mix that will take your breath away!

On the inhale, you’ll be treated to a delicious blend of frostbitten cherries from snow-capped cherry trees and cold Floridian oranges, fresh and icy as they were picked in December. These frosty fruit flavors whirl together with a fierce kick of frosty sour that will give you that comforting wild flavor you love from all your favorite gummy candies!


A delicious blend of sweet and sour cherries, oranges, and lemons is enhanced with a little help from an ice cold shot of menthol. This is one of the most refreshing e-juices out there!

Batch on Ice by Candy King is a deliciously designed blend that delivers all the best of this candy company. It combines a tasty combination of citrusy wonders in an impressive 100ml bottle. It is a high-quality vape juice with a 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent propylene glycol (PG) base that allows for massive vapor clouds. It also comes in a variety of nicotine strengths to suit your needs. Get this fruity sour candy blend today! It’s a must try for anyone with a sweet tooth! The best part?


A fruity candy fusion to be sure, Candy King on Ice Batch demonstrates the company’s wares with a high-end vape juice that should be in every candy connoisseur’s vape rotation. A blend of orange, cherry, and lemon-lime hard candies spelled out on paper combines with a hint of menthol to produce a top-notch vapor production worthy of its price tag.

A taste of this scrumptious e-juice will leave you feeling light as a feather after a long day on the job. Available in a hefty 100ml size, it’s available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to suit your taming needs. Using a base of 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent propylene glycol, this is a vapor juice you’ll want to keep on hand for those long hauls out of the office.


If you’re a fan of the fruity candy gummy flavors, you’ll love Batch on Ice by Candy King. This e-juice delivers the tart taste of orange, cherry, lemon, and lime covered with sugar in a satisfyingly sweet way.

You’ll feel a satisfying kick of sour citrus on the inhale from the fruity blend of a variety of citrus fruits dotted with a coating of sour sugar and finished off with a cool menthol blast. The icy exhale is sure to chill your throat and refresh your palate!

The vape experts at Drip More have taken the iconic flavors of candy and created a line of e-juice that will take you back to your childhood. Each flavor is carefully crafted to recreate the original gummy candies you know and love.


Menthol is a chemical compound found in peppermint, and other mint varieties. It has a strong cooling sensation that is known to stimulate cold receptors in the body.

It also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and counterirritant properties. It is commonly used in cough medicines.

However, it is often abused and contributes to a high rate of addiction in the US. The FDA is now considering banning menthol from cigarettes and flavored tobacco products, as a way to reduce youth nicotine use in the country.

If you are a fan of sweet fruit vapour flavours with a cool menthol twist, look no further than Batch by Candy King on Ice! Dripmore’s expert mixmasters have created this vape juice that features a massive array of elegant fruit flavors wrapped in a cool menthol blanket.